Our Team


Ian Robert Darnbrook

Job Title: Managing Director
Brief Overview: Problem solver extraordinaire. Likes a challenge. Solution Maker, Insurance Negotiator, DIY Expert and Technical Terrence.  Is more flexible than a yoga instructor…
Contact details: ian@a1insurance.co.uk
Direct Dial: 01937 544784
LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/iandarnbrook



Jean Margaret Pickard

Job Title: Commercial Account Executive
Brief Overview: Superb Commercial Lines Administrator, supremely organised and a good Girl Guide.  Has superhero abilities, highly proficient at everything and can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Contact details: jean@a1insurance.co.uk
Direct Dial: 01937 544783


Linda Knight

Job Title: Credit Control Executive
Brief Overview: Client and Insurer Accounts Dragon. True Yorkshire pudding and known for not mincing her words!  Owner of one well used wooden spoon.  Likes to ‘inspire’ the management.
Contact details: linda@a1insurance.co.uk
Direct Dial: 01937 544783


Jacqui Haslam

Job Title: Account Executive
Brief Overview: Chief of the Household Department. All things high net worth, commercial buildings, let properties and holiday homes. Extremely regal and sophisticated. Health Fitness fanatic. Exercises remarkable restraint when presented with the biscuit barrel.
Contact details: jacqui@a1insurance.co.uk
Direct Dial: 01937 544782


Jeannie Louise Nettleton

Job Title: Account Executive
Brief Overview: Personal Lines Administration, Commercial and Home fleet guru, Premium Finance expert.  Skilled tea AND coffee maker and owner of a gigantic elastic band ball has encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Dr Who.  Our very own wordsmith, blogger and tweeter.
Contact details: jlk@a1insurance.co.uk
Direct Dial: 01937 544785


Jaimme Mutter

Job Title: Account Executive
Brief Overview: Our purpled haired Personal Lines Administrator. Commercial and Homefleet expert. Has unnatural memory abilities and can reference dates and times so far in the past everyone else has forgotten. Can talk without drawing one single breath. Is known to bounce up and down and sing when excited, much to Linda’s annoyance. Loves all things purple and Noel Fielding related.
Contact details: violet@a1insurance.co.uk
Direct Dial: 01937 544787


Adam Pringle

Job Title: Account Executive
Brief Overview: Probably the most notable thing about Adam is that his legs are so long they present their own trip hazard! The second most notable point is that Adam formerly worked for a well know Harrogate Insurance Broker for nearly 27 years before deciding to leave following a takeover. Adam has a reputation for excellent customer care and attention to detail working mainly with commercial clients and with a special interest in the agricultural sector.

Adam is an avid music fan with great taste…..obviously, (please read ‘dubious’). Adam is also known to prefer plain shirts (a patterned number can make Adam quite vocal)  and is an All-Round Good Egg.
Contact details: adam@a1insurance.co.uk
Direct Dial: 01937 544780

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